Inherent Vice (2014)

by Alex Fellows


PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON:  Talk about this scene with Phil. And how he kisses you right there.
MARK WAHLBERG:  A couple of times I wanted to kiss him right back. You know? Stick my tongue right back in his mouth. He even gave me a little tongue—
PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON:  You know what, don’t, I mean… it might sound like you’re joking, but don’t… fuck with that, because the serious thing is, is that I remember you coming to me and saying, “Paul, what do I do? Because there’s a part of me that does wanna fuckin’ kiss him back,” you know what I mean? And I don’t really remember saying anything incredibly intelligent to, to how to convince you that that isn’t what you would do.
MARK WAHLBERG:  Right, right. No, I remember saying that. But I was talking about even here, you know, where I would just give him his kiss. You know what I mean? ‘Cause I’m Dirk, man; you gotta give.

Boardwalk Empire | season one

Jack White, photograph by Philipp Ebeling


On Saturday night, some of the most talented actors of our time formed THE HATEFUL EIGHT. Allow us to walk you through the historical evening here

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Looks like Christoph is in England.

Someone please audition. If Kent wasn’t so far away…so help me gawd.

Paid extra work, for ages 17 to 100, needed in June/July for filming in Rochester/Tilbury. So it’s probably at least fair to assume Christoph will be here then.

I’m only the next county along from Kent, but happen to be moving back up to Norwich until June on that very day. It’d probably a bit too much hassle anyway considering they’re a bit vague on the times for the 26th and the dates of work, but considering how empty my June/July is and that it’s Christoph Waltz it otherwise may be tempting!


spike jonze is the type of man that stands next to you in an elevator wiggling his shoulders and you’re like wtf is that man doing but then you realize that they’re playing mambo no. 5 very quietly over the speakers and he is dancing



Michael Pitt as Mason Verger - Photo by David Slade

3,813 plays


remember when jack forgot how to sing missing pieces

"The games are always, repeat, always being played. But nobody plays the games like me: Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson. Soon to be Detective Inspector Bruce Robertson. You just have to be the best, and I usually am. Same rules apply."


For a variety of reasons, this is one shower that should be checked thoroughly before use.

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“We’re both quite introverted - Alison in particular is extremely shy. But we discovered that we could communicate with each other through music. She was already in a band and I was amazed at this transformation from someone who would sit in a corner with her sketchbook and go bright red if you talked to her to this amazing performer on stage. So we formed a two-person social group that encompassed everything.”
- Jamie Hince